Lo-fi Rhythms of Leisure on a New Normal Day

Awake, stretch, get up.

Tasks before breaking fast:

  • brush teeth, wash face, apply moisturizer
  • diary: write what you can remember of yesterday until the moment you got up today, be grateful
  • ready: wear wristwatch, open bullet journal and/or TickTick, plot work tasks relative to time left before breakfast, before dinner, and before bed.
  • meditate

Start work.

Break fast. What are you eating? Are you enjoying your meal? After washing the dishes and doing some chores, will you drink a warm cup of coffee or a cold brew of lemon with honey?

Resume work.

Tasks before having dinner:

  • move: yoga/jumping jacks/walk/pushups
  • or learn: read articles from subscriptions/read non-fiction/watch TEDx Talks/listen to a podcast episode
  • or create: write fiction/use Obsidian/sketch/doodle
  • or connect: check discord DMs and servers/pet dog/talk to family

Have dinner. What are you eating? Are you enjoying your meal? What time is it now?

End work.

Tasks before bed:

  • remove wristwatch
  • take vitamins
  • relax: read fiction/watch two to four anime episodes at 2x speed/play/chat
  • clean: room, self
  • meditate

Go to bed. Sleep.

- 4 toasts